My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit 

Oh my gooood I didnt notice you have me on your favorite blogs ! That meants a lot to me honey thanks, you are on my favorites too ☺️
- le-splendeur

ahh one of my favs girl <3

Which DSLR camera do you have and what lenses?! =)
- Anonymous

Nikon D80, just the original lens :)

Do you remember what classes you took during senior year of high school? What was your favourite academic subject?
- Anonymous

hmm i don’t know if i even had a favourite academic subject but um it would probably be biology if i really had to pick hahaha

Where is your leather jacket from?
- Anonymous

urban outfitters! x 


jessica lange is hotter than me and she’s 64

Turn Away - Beck

I'm literally in love with your blog and your personality in all the possible ways
- allonu

thats the sweetest thing thank you so much! <3

I just came across your blog and I looooooooove it xx
- fluerist

ah thanks babe<3

i love your blog!
- lanms

thank you!<3

Ignition (Giraffage Remix) - R Kelly

your music taste is on point my friend
- ac-ru

ah thanks babe<3